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Thanks for stopping by. My name is Nick and I'm a freelance animator/designer/art director with over 10 years in the LA motion graphics trenches. I have an eclectic background in design, film, illustration, and cel animation that I bring to every 2D and 3D project.

As an animator/designer, my primary tools are After Effects, Procreate, Cinema 4D Octane/Redshift, the Adobe Suite, Cintiq illustration, Premiere, and cold brew straight out of the can. I keep a tidy project file and love problem solving.

As an art director, I combine my design and animation brain with experience leading crews as a music video and short film director. I draw quickly and design frames with the animator in mind. I love surrounding myself with artists much better than me. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Born in Chicago, raised in the Twin Cities, sparked by London, forged in LA. I grew up obsessed with Disney animation, doodled in math class, became a caricature artist at county fairs, studied graphic design, worked abroad in London, got my MFA in directing from Chapman Film School, worked on a bunch of Hollywood sets, made a bevy of short films and music videos, started getting motion design work, went staff at Apple's agency Media Arts Lab for 4 years, and now I freelance.

Lemonade out of lemons... During the pandemic, my fiancee and I packed up my car and worked remotely from airbnbs all over the US. We passed through over 30 states and lived in 8 cities over the course of 20+ months. Portland OR, Minneapolis, Austin TX, New Orleans, Atlanta, Nashville, Chicago, Brooklyn NY... It was an enlightening experience to say the least. Biggest takeaways: Texas BBQ, NYC conversations, Atlanta thunderstorms, and Portland movie theatres.

We now call Portland home.

Nice to meet you!



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